Level 1

Level 2a
Louise Marius
After 10 years of teaching balfolk (workshops, weekly classes, for beginners up to very experienced dancers) Louise left the scene for travelling, but she came back because she still loves teaching balfolk very much.
In level 2a she will focus on basic turning of the 3t Waltz, more fun in the Scottish and chapelloise and more comfort in the Mazurka. Whether you’re very advanced and wanting to learn complicated variations, or just starting with the dancing, according to Louise, the most important aspect of dance is the being together. So that’s what will be her overall focus.

Level 2b
Rafael Correa Prieto and Nele de Beck
Rafael and Nele met each other on the dance floor. They had an instant connection and have been roaming the dance world ever since. They dance for fun of course, but they also want to share their vision of dance with you, which is centered around concepts like feeling, musicality, body awareness and playing with your dance partner. They believe dancing should not be the rehearsal of reconditioned steps and moves, but they rather want to find the freedom to surf on the waves of the music while being in harmony with the other dancers.

Level 3 & 4

Elena Leibbrand (BE)
We’re very happy to welcome Elena Leibbrand again, who always knows how to find the perfect balance between improvisation and tradition in bourrées, waltzes and many other dances. Elena founded her own dance school EléDanse in Belgium in 2018 to pass on to others what makes folk so special to her: the subtle combination of human warmth, exploration of movement, precision and tradition of the form/style, improvisation and playful atmosphere! She has been trained in a range of dance styles since 1995, from traditional to social and contemporary dances. She enjoys both the great potential for improvisation in modern “folk” as well as the specific beauty, precision, and connection to a territory of “traditional” dances. She has a soft spot for bourrées, waltzes, collective dances in general, and the dances from the south-west of France. Want to know more about her teaching? Check out her website: www.eledanse.be

Koen Dhondt (BE)
Koen was introduced to folk dance at the age of eleven. In 2000 he discovered the balfolk scene while studying in Portugal. Since then he participated in several dance festivals and stages every year and developed his own way of dancing. To contribute to the development of the Belgian folk scene, he has been teaching weekly dance classes in Brussels since 2002. He taught workshops at many festivals and stages in and outside of the Low Countries. From the very first Dansstage in the Netherlands he has been popular amongst the Dutch dancers and we are very happy he is a regular guest at the Dansstage. Koen has his own company, Frisse Folk, which organizes dance lessons throughout all of Belgium.

Line Kracht & Mara Senger (DE)
Line and Mara have been dancing Balfolk for more than half of their lives in different places of Europe. They are currently dancing Balfolk in Leipzig and have taught several dance classes in Berlin and on festivals such as Cadansa, Leipziger Tanzhausfest, Prague Balfolk Immersion, Lovembal and online during the lockdowns. Line and Mara are teaching most of their workshops in such a way that every person can learn the steps to the leading and following perspective of a dance. The idea of queering Balfolk is to create joy together while inviting us to let go of the fixed (dancing-)roles we got used to play. 😉 For them dancing includes meeting other individuals with respect and on an eye-level, which helps to create a warm learning environment.

Lucas Thébaut (FR)
With lots of enthusiasm we welcome Lucas Thébaut as a workshop teacher this dansstage. Lucas was born and bred with folk: he is a great accordion player, solo and in multiple well-known bands, as well as a fantastic dancer. Collectivity in dancing is a focal point in his workshops, and he has an impressive repertoire: from improvisation in couple dances to energetic group dances from the Poitou.