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Who are we?
The Dansstage is organised by seven volunteers who create this festival together. You can find out who we are and what our tasks are below. We’ve also listed our favourite dances, so if one of these are played during the weekend, do not hesitate to ask us for a dance!
Of course we also have some wonderful volunteers who help us out during the weekend. For more information about volunteering, please check the FAQ.

The 2017 organisation team at the start of the Dansstage.

Oppertruus – Miss Colour Code
After a year as Oppertruus, Berber also started contributing to the organization. In the months before the Dansstage, she responds to emails and updates the website. During the Dansstage, she will be responsible for filling all hungry mouths!
Favourite dance: Waltz

Matriarch – Teacher mommy
Christine tries to keep the rest of the organisation in check during our meetings. Together with Lars she is responsible for the programme of the Dansstage. If you’re a teacher, band member, or just really, really hot, Christine is the go to girl.
Favourite dance: Mazurka

Slavekeeper – Parttime Teacher Parent
Together with Christine Lars is responsible for the programme of the Dansstage. During the weekend he is in charge of the first-aid-team and the other volunteers, so in case of a sudden loss of a vital organ, it would be wise to look for him.
Favourite dance: Fandango

Master of Coin – Scribe
Lennaert supports Maxime in handling our finances. Together they take care of the transactions and makes sure we don’t go over budget.
Favourite dance: Halling

Shopaholic – Metatruus
Lisanne is in charge of the food. She’s the one making sure you have enough to put on your bread for breakfast.
Favourite dance: Waltz

Sound goblin – Keybearer
Lucas makes sure all technical (and audio) related matters will go as smoothly as possible. Furthermore he is also responsible for things that have to do with the location itself.
Favourite dance: Polska

Mother of Dragons – collector of coins
Maxime handles our finances, supported by Lennaert. Together they take care of the transactions and makes sure we don’t go over budget. She also creates the booklet, the posters and the flyers. You may always sacrifice either money, chocolate or hugs to Maxime.
Favourite dance: Kost ar C’hoat