Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions. They are organised by subject. These links will take you directly to the subject you’re interested in.


About the registrations

Where can I register?
You can register here: http://www.dansstage.nl/aanmelden

How much is the registration fee?
You can check the fees here: http://www.dansstage.nl/ticket-prices

What do I need to know before I register?
Please read our Terms & Conditions first. You can find them here: http://www.dansstage.nl/terms
It is not possible to claim you weren’t aware of the T&C afterwards.

How and when do I need to pay?
After registration you get an e-mail with details how you can pay through bank transfer. We require that you pay within 2 weeks time before we start stalking you. 😉
We are aware that international transfers can take a bit longer than 2 weeks. Don’t worry, if you get a reminder you can always mail us that the transfer is on the way!

Can I cancel my ticket without cost if I can’t come/don’t have the money?
No. If you register, you buy a ticket which you will need to pay.

What if I still want to cancel?
You can cancel by sending an email to us (attention: not paying and not replying to our mails is not the same as cancelling) and there is a €5 administrative fee you’ll need to pay. Please also pay attention to the date.

What happens if I’m on the waiting list?
You don’t need to pay when you are put on the waiting list. If we have a spot for you, we will send you an e-mail and first check before we will register you. We do appreciate it if you let us know if you change your plans and want to be removed from the waiting list. If you let us know, we can make the next person on the list happy! Don’t change your plans too fast, the last few years we were able to give everyone on the waiting list a spot!

I made a mistake in my registration/I forgot to mention my dietary restrictions!
Please send us an e-mail with your registration number (you can find it in your confirmation mail) and let us know which mistake you made. Please mind that for some mistakes (different level, sleeping spot in log cabin) we can only change this based on availability at the time you informed us about the mistake.

About the food

Will there be vegetarian food?
Yes. At breakfast and lunch you can choose what to put on your sandwiches, and the dinner is completely vegetarian. The cheese at breakfast/lunch and on the lasagna does not contain animal rennet.

I need meat for energy, what to do?
You can eat meat at breakfast and lunch, and for the evenings you can bring an emergency salami from home – or any other dried, packaged sausage that doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge. Unfortunately it is not possible to serve separate meals, so all meal options are vegetarian.

I have an allergy/diet, can you accommodate me?
If you put this in your registration form, we’ve got you covered. If you have severe restrictions we cannot accommodate, we will contact you before the event. If you did not put any diet in the registration form, you’ll need to contact us as soon as possible – but you might need to bring your own food if the special dietary food has already been ordered.

Why is there no more salad?
Believe it or not, this is freaking expensive! We like to have more, but for the amount we would need to spend on salad to get five more large bowls (which would accommodate everyone’s need for salad), we can hire at least two bands. That sounds expensive, right? And when we had to choose between more salad or two bands … we chose the bands. We hope you understand.

Why do you serve the same food as last year?
Because it’s within our budget, and we can fit in a lot of dietary restrictions. If we would choose the second option from campus catering (a buffet style dinner where we also need to hire professional staff,) tickets prices would go up with 20-30 euro per ticket. That’s not acceptable to us, so we keep the ticket prices – and dinner costs – low. So basically, you pay for what you get. As we have said before, we do not make a profit, so your ticket fee goes directly into paying the bills.

Who is Truus?
Truus is an old-fashioned Dutch name, which we once gave to the person who was in charge of catering. Since then it has grown out of proportions. All volunteers who help with catering are now called Truus when on duty, with one Head of Truus in charge. This makes it easy for us: we just have to call for Truus and don’t have to ask who’s on duty first. Every Truus works very hard, so give them your love and thanks during the weekend. We all love Truus!

Can I ask Truus a question?
If it’s regarding the food and it’s something they can solve: yes! If there is no more tea, please tell Truus so new tea can be made. If you want to know if there are more bananas, ask Truus! However, we kindly ask that if you don’t like the brand of peanut butter, prefer a different flavour of jam, or would have preferred the salad over the bands, please don’t complain to Truus. They can’t magically make your favourite peanut butter appear, so these are comments you can give to the organisation on the feedback forms. Truus is working very hard to make you happy, so they need your love and support!

About the volunteers

Which teams are there?
We have:

  • Catering (also known as Truus): They prepare the meals and serve coffee and tea during the breaks. The team is led by Übertruus, who probably knows more about the catering than the organisation.
  • Audio-technique: This is a team of experienced audio-technicians who make sure you can properly hear the bands and teachers. It is possible to tag along with them in order to learn something about audio-technique if you are interested.
  • Construction/deconstruction: To prepare the location and return it to its original state we need some people to move tables, sweep floors, etc.
  • First Aid: These people will be on call during the weekend to help out if something goes wrong.
  • Bar: We have one bar-lady (Vicky) who manages the bar, but during rush hours she needs some help so everyone can be served within reasonable time.

Is there a discount for volunteers?
This depends on their task. We work with a small crew of diehard volunteers in order to keep this event affordable for everyone. These people (the catering team and a few technicians) will miss quite a big part of the festival and get a discount to compensate for that.
There are also some smaller tasks, that can be done before/after the workshops, like helping out behind the bar, being on call as first-aider and preparing/cleaning up the dance rooms. Usually we find that the amazing participants of the dansstage will gladly help us with this. Unfortunately we cannot give all these people a discount, but we do compensate them with some free drinks and a special thank-you gift at the end of the festival.

Where can I apply to volunteer?
You can send an e-mail to the organisation, telling us who you are and which team you’d like to be in. Please note that some teams have limited places available.

I’d like to be Truus. Do you still need people?
We try to plan the catering quite far ahead of the festival, so if you want to help us out, please contact us as soon as possible. If the team is already full, we can put you on the list of potential back-ups or ask you again next year.


I have a different question!
Please send us an e-mail!