Workshop Levels

The Dansstage offers workshops at different levels. During your registration you can indicate your preference for the group you want to be in, so we know approximately how large the groups will be.

Before or during the weekend, some adjustments may be made if groups become too big or it turns out that you do not fit into the group for which you have signed up. In both of these cases, the rearrangement will of course be done in consultation.

To help you estimate your level, you’ll find a description of each group below.

Level 1 – Beginners (Saturday only!)

If you have (almost) never been to a balfolk event or have only dared to watch, this is the place to be! We will address the Scottish, the mazurka, the chapelloise and the Circassian circle. In addition, we will pay attention to the basic techniques of leading and following, and teach you some simple variations. Depending on the level and needs of the group more dances can be added.
Note: The beginners group will only have workshops on Saturday. You can find more information here.

Level 2a –Basic

Anyone who has been dancing for some time, but never before took any lessons is advised to join this group. We expect that you can dance the basic versions of the Circassian circle, the chapelloise and the Scottish in order to learn more variations and get a better understanding of these dances. This group will also work on the mazurka, dance posture and we will make a start with the waltz in 3 times.

Level 2b – Intermediate

Those who have mastered the basics fairly well will get the opportunity to refine their technique in this group. We will teach you more variations and work more extensively on the waltz in 3 times. We will also spend a lot of time on refining your technique of leading and following. We expect that you have mastered the steps of the mazurka and Scottish and that you are up for new challenges.
One choice workshop for this group will be offered together with level 3. The schedule for the selection of workshops can be found here.

Level 3 – Advanced

To the advanced and the far advanced dancers we will offer different modules to choose from. Themes such as advanced variations in couple dances, refining your leading/following techniques, but also polska, bourrée and Breton dances will be available to choose from. There are 5 alternatives per timeslot, each with different levels (lv. 3 or lv. 4).
We expect everyone in level 3 to be able to dance a basic waltz in 3 times and have a decent technique of leading/following. If you meet the prerequisites, you can also take part in level 4 workshops, but only if you can keep up with the tempo of the workshop! Otherwise you might undesirably be slowing down the whole group. The schedule of workshops can be found here.

Level 4 – Far Advanced

The far advanced dancers certainly do not have to stay home with the idea of knowing everything; for them we have a number of workshops with dances/styles which are relatively unknown or difficult, or where known dances are dealt with in great dept. You can choose from themes such as Fandango, advanced Breton dances, Switch-dancing, Fusion-workshops and connecting with your partner while dancing.
Note: Level 4 is not a logical continuation of Level 3. You need to be a quick study to keep up with the tempo. In addition each workshop specifies certain prerequisites. You may already have reached this level in some dances while for other dances you still need more practice. If in doubt, you can always consult with the teacher of the workshop concerned. The choice modules can be found here.