Open Ball

Can’t come to the Dansstage? Come to the open ball on Saturday at 21:00! In two ballrooms, four bands will entertain you with beautiful, energetic and sultry tunes. Do not forget to invite all your friends!
Can’t dance yet? No problem! Before the ball starts there will be a short dance instruction so you can join in the entire evening!

The theme is Gold & Silver, so sparkle up the ballroom with your shiny outfits! (But please don’t bring loose glitter. It will get everywhere and the cleaning team will be very sad.)

You can find more information and a FAQ in the Facebook event.

Bands playing (in alphabetical order):
Svall Harps
For more info about the bands, see our bands page.

Free introduction workshop: 19:30 – 20:30
Start ball: 21:00
End time: when we are tired or get kicked out of the building.

Regular 12
Fair Trade 15
Union Card 10

These tickets cannot be ordered in advance, but can be purchased at the venue on the evening itself. Therefore they can only be paid in cash.

* A Fair Trade ticket means you pay a little bit more than a regular ticket. This money goes towards paying musicians and technicians, so we can make sure everyone get a fair pay without raising prices.

** Students and Teachers of the University Twente that have a Union Card (half year or year card) get a discount.