Open Ball

Can’t come to the Dansstage? Maybe you can come to the open ball on Saturday! In two ballrooms, five awesome bands will entertain you late into the night with beautiful, energetic and sultry tunes. Do not forget to invite all your friends.

The Dansstage is early this year, perfect for a wintry open ball theme: welcome to the Après Ski! After a day on thin ice, in the ski lift, or perhaps even on the black slopes, it is time for a relaxing evening. So dig up your best lederhosen, dirndl or ski-outfit and descend to the dancefloor! Glide along to the tunes, test your newly developed skills, and let the mountains lead you. Ski you on the dancefloor!

Can’t dance yet? Not a problem! Before the ball starts there will be a dance instruction so you can join in the entire evening!


Regular 20
Fair Trade 25
Reduced* 15

These tickets cannot be ordered in advance, but can be purchased at the venue on the evening itself. You can pay in cash or with a QR code. No worries, there are enough tickets available to admit everyone!

* If it’s your first ball, or if you have little money to spend, you get a discount! Students and teachers of the University Twente that have a Union Card (half year or year card) get it as well.