The following bands will be playing at the Dansstage. You can read here what they say about themselves!

Accordzéâm is made up of five crazy but excellent conservatoire musicians who know how to build a party. With a Mario-scottish and a Starwars-cercle they sent known, but somewhat lost, tunes onto the dancefloor guaranteed to make you swing. But also pay some attention to the bassist when he play’s his mazurka!

Ciac Boum
Since its formation in 2009 Ciac Boum has gained a solid reputation across France and the rest of Europe. With over 150 concerts under their belt, these three musicians are known to bring joy, energy and an all-round party-sensation with their performance. They will bring you rondes, avant-deux, waltzes and many other dances. Their energy turns every ball into a celebration. So ladies and gentlemen, hold on tight! We know how it starts, but where it goes…
Christian Pacher – violin, diatonic accordion, vocals;
Julien Padovani – chromatic accordion, vocals;
Robert Thébaut – guitar, violin, vocals

Guus Herremans
Guus Herremans starts his musical studies at the age of 7 with Wilfrid Moonen. He qualifies himself in the diatonic accordion for folk music and on the piano for classical music. A few years later, he will be the first diatonic player to enter the prestigious school of arts in Turnhout (Belgium) for a formation of 4 years. Toon Van Mierlo (Naragonia) will be his teacher of accordion. Later on, Guus will be teaching in this same school.

Simultaneously with his work as a teacher, Guus is a hardworking professional musician with a rapidly growing career. His multiple creations and projects (Les Bottines Artistiques, A12, Me Guusta, Airboxes, Solo, etc…) are frequently invited to multiple festivals around Europe. Guus also often appears on stage as a guest player with famous folk musicians and bands (Variomatic, S-Tres, Aurélien claranbaux, Didier Laloy, Brotto Lopez, Duo bottasso, etc).

Beyond any doubt, his playing is sensible and masterly. Guus is also a composer. He is inspired by the traditional folk music, jazz music and world music for his own compositions. His artistic personality makes him a valuable and unavoidable musician of the contemporary folk scene.

KV Express duo
From Belgium travels KV Express – a group centered on the band’s founder Sophie Cavez, who is one of Belgium’s most prolific accordion-players. Together with Bo Waterschoot on bass guitar, they create a fresh sound combining folk, jazz and rock mixed with many traditional world styles, particularly from the southern parts of the European and American Continents. Their music is made for dancing to, but great fun to listen to as well!
Sophie Cavez – accordeon; Bo Waterschoot – bass guitar

Snaarmaarwaar takes listeners and dancers on an adventure full of tight grooves and warm melodies. Old traditional tunes and newly composed pieces sit alongside one another, both lively and introverted, tender and rocking, all played on their string instruments.

Svall Duo
Despite originating from the same region and having had friends and band members in common, it took many years for Sylvain Pool (guitar, cittern) and Emelie Waldken (nyckelharpa, fiddle) to actually start to play together. Their musicality, nourished of hard rock and baroque, of French and Scandinavian traditions, matched in the instant and despite the 2.222 km between them, the two crazy Swiss expats formed Svall Duo. Expect a wave of raw energy, many inspirations and repertoires blended together with absolutely no shame, unusual chords, and lots of blue notes to spice up all that.
Emelie Waldken – nyckelharpa, fiddle; Sylvain Pool – guitar, cittern