Ballsy Swing

On Saturday evening, workshop teacher Lucas Thébaut will also be on stage with his amazing band Ballsy Swing. Lucas on his accordion will be joined by the just as passionate Colin Delzart (cello) and Valère Passeri (violin). With their fresh perspective on folk, their own excellent compositions, and a healthy dose of mischief, it will surely be a swinging ball!


On Sunday Cam&Leo, a duo from France, will conclude our Dansstage with music from all over the world. Camille and Léo like to be inspired by cultures in Europe ranging from Bulgaria to Brittany, but also by cultures in South America and others. Camille will be playing the harp for you, supported by Léo with song and/or drums. The music contains complex rhythms with a lovely swing, alternated with songs full of calm harp sounds to drift away on. Together the duo has performed on many festivals in France and several other countries, and now they are coming to the Netherlands for us! Curious as to how the band sounds? The video below will give you an impression!


Exqueezit consists of the two renowned accordionists Bert Leemans (chromatic accordion) and Erik de Jong (piano accordion). Bert (known from e.g. Airboxes and EmBRUN) possesses an extensive balfolk repertoire, whereas Erik (Itchy Fingers, Gonnagles) masters Scottish and Irish music. The exquisite combination of these music styles is great for both dancing and listening. At Cadansa they stole the show by kicking off the first ball, and we will have the pleasure to enjoy them on Friday!

Man Encantada Duo

Man Encantada offers traditional music from Gascogne along with wonderful Occitan vocals. The beautifully sung melodies, traditional texts and original compositions are punctuated by the accordion and the mandola. The group combines the specialisms of both musicians: Joachim sings the melodies of Gascony, and likes to set poems and traditional texts from the South-West of France to music, and Gilles brings his knowledge of traditional music from Périgord and the surrounding area. Man Encantada’s energetic rhythms are very catchy and guarantee a great dance experience. And: Jochacim will teach us all the special Occitan dances during the Dansstage!


The roads of Bert Leemans (chromatic accordeon) and Ies Muller (wooden flute, bombarde) have crossed before in other projects, and with this duo they bring their melodious harmony to the world. In a lovely dynamic mix of Bretons, French and Irish melodies, their own works blends fluently with traditional rhythms. Next to the general popular dances you’ll find enough possibilities for powerful kost ar’choats or lovely ronds de Saint Vincent. The music of this duo transports you to another world full of melodious peace and subtle rhythms alternated with heavy Breton vibes, inviting you to come dance!


Sparv (( predominantly plays Swedish music, but on the Saturday of the Dansstage they will be returning to their Dutch roots. Under the name Sparv and Compagny they will play a series of Dutch dances, complemented by balfolk- and Swedish dances.
The word sparv is Swedish for sparrow. As a small, inconspicuous bird his song will not impress quickly, but when listening closely you will notice a lot of chatter in a group of sparrows. This is how the band interprets Scandinavian music, and they would like to take you with them into centuries old traditions and a rich landscape of melodies that find their origins in Scandinavia. A combination of Dutch and Swedish music will sure be a rich cultural experience!

Mara Menzel

Dancing or playing music, a difficult choice for many musicians. This Dansstage, Mara won’t have to choose: she will be doing both! During the day she will be one half of the great teaching duo Mara and Line, teaching us how to ‘queer’ balfolk, but Saturday evening she will let her musical side shine. Since 2013 Mara has already been performing on multiple festivals and events in folk bands such as Stimmt so., Searching the Roots, Lunesk and Knopfgemurmel. As a solo artist, she will be coming to surprise us with a mix of her personal favorites, both written by herself or edited from other pieces. We are looking forward to escaping for an hour into dreamy escapades with vocals in multiple languages, accompanied by Mara’s accordeon!


A crossover project between balfolk and jazz, none other than Guus Herremans will be providing the classic balfolk tunes on his diatonic accordeon accompanied by Hendrik Sooghen on the saxophone for that groovy jazz. The dynamic duo will be travelling from Belgium to let us hear this fusion of two worlds. It’s looking to be an evening full of joy and dance!

Hot Griselda

Hot Griselda is coming on the Friday evening to put on a great show for you. The immaculate bouzouki play of Kaspar Laval combined with the deep guitar and bodhran grooves of Jeroen Geerink will provide a rhythmic backbone to the powerful sound of Hot Griselda. Stijn van Beek and Toon van Mierlo will be building on this sturdy foundation with a whirlwind of melodies. One moment two low whistles will be providing you with cool transparency, to be alternated with merciless bombarde sounds and uilleann pipes. A guaranteed party in between a steamy Irish session and a full-on rockshow. One thing’s for sure: the music of Hot Griselda will warm you up!