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Lost and found

We have some lost items from this year. If you see something that’s yours, please contact us with the number of the picture, so we can work out how to get it back to you.

We also have some items left from 2020. These will be kept for a month. Check our facebookmessage for more info.


Sadly, the Dansstage has already ended, but what a party it has been! We’re very happy that you came in such numbers, took part in the workshops and have danced a lot during the ball. Again a thanks to Naragonia and Aérokorda for the beautiful performances and Koen, Louise, Sophie, Rafael and Nele for the amazing workshops! For those who have missed the speech of Lars: we have a new mascot named Choco Moose! It’ll be there next year as well.  First we go and relax from the weekend, but coming week will give you some post Dansstage updates. For example: How did the fair trade do? And we have a big box with stuff that lost their owner.

New open ball program

We have an update of our open ball program. In the break between Naragonia and Aérokorda Lars will be giving a speaech. And not just a speech, because Lars and Maxime will be leaving the Dansstage organization. Over the years they have put a lot of effort into the Dansstage and we are very grateful for that. We’ll miss them a lot! So come all to the foyer to hear Lars speech and give them a loud and heartfelt thank you (or to run away from the soundcheck :P).

For more information look here:

Corona and Dansstage

With the increasing number of infections, some people worry what this means for the Dansstage. We follow the guidelines of the Dutch government, which means that there are no restrictions during the Dansstage. We do find it important that everybody has respect for people who take protective measures for themselves. If you want to you can wear a facemask, dance with one partner and/or keep distance. During workshops you’ll not be forced to change partners. To give people enough space we would like to ask everyone to place bags, jackets and other stuff outside of the dancing hall in the foyer. With the same idea in mind it would be nice to take a seat in the foyer when you aren’t dancing. This way we hope that everyone has a safe and pleasurable experience at the Dansstage.
For people who come by public transport: there is a facemask obligation on public transport.

Thank you Louise and Sophie

With less than a week to go, we want to put two teachers into the spotlight. Louise & Sophie have at the last moment been willing to offer workshops so participants had the choice between three workshops per bracket. Both gave workshops at the Dansstage before. Louise known for giving 2a and Sophie from workshops that are broader than Balfolk alone. We’re very happy to have both of them giving workshops on Dansstage 2022.

Aerokorda as second band

We’re very exited about the second band of the evening. The program schedule gave it a bit away, but the second band of the evening is Aerokorda!

Aérokorda is known for their powerful mix of Irish music with balfolk. With Pavel on the Violin, Adriaan on the guitar and Davy on the whistles and octave mandolin they bring a wide variety of self-arranged tunes where you will flow from the very fast and energetic tunes into smooth soft melodies. To top it all off, all three gentlemen also sing self composed songs mixed in with their repertoire.

Recently they produced their second album which can best be described as a mix of energetic and soft Celtic neofolk with from time to time some Slavic and baroque flavours mingled in with them. These gentlemen made an online cd releaseshow of their new album which you can find below.

Workshops from Koen Dhondt

We have some fun news to share with you today! We have been able to arrange that the ball at the mini-Dansstage will be an open ball! So even if you only want to see Naragonia and the yet unknown band, you can do that.

But then you’ll be missing out on the amazing workshops of Koen Dhondt. Koen has been a regular teacher at Dansstage for years. Waltz, Fandango, Arin Arin, Koen is leading when it comes to teaching various balfolk dances. With his own organization Frisse Folk he gives weekly dance lessons and is he one of the most influential teachers in Belgium of this moment. Next to that he also teaches workshops at various festivals, both in Belgium and internationally.
To get an idea of Koen and his dancing, check out the video below where he gives a demonstration on the music of Naragonia.