Registration method

This year the way to register for the Dansstage is a bit different. We’ll be using google forms to register for the mini-Dansstage. In this form you make a selection which workshops you want to follow. You can also select if you want to pay the additional fair trade price.

We’ll also ask you to provide any medical information that might be relevant for us, like whether you have epilepsy or have an EpiPen with you. You are not obliged to share this if you don’t want to, but it will help us act better in case something does happen. Your vaccination status is not important for us so you don’t have to share that.

If you are in possession of a first aid or emergency response certificate and want to help us out in case of an emergency we would like to hear that. Then if something happens we can call you and ask for your help. After all, there might be quite some blisters that need treatment. 😉

After you’ve filled out the form you’ll receive confirmation from us in a few days. There is a chance that the workshop you registered for is full. In that case we’ll contact you and give you the option to follow the other workshop or withdraw your registration. Only after receiving payment your registration is complete and you have a spot. In the confirmation e-mail you’ll find instructions on how to pay. We’ll also let you know if you’re on the waiting list and we’ll contact you via mail or telephone if a spot opens up.