Registration, price and program mini-Dansstage

The registration for the mini-Dansstage opens on Sunday Febuary 27 at 1 pm. From that moment on, you can register for the various workshops and the ball. More information about how to register will follow this evening. A ticket will cost € 65 and there is a maximum of 85 people who can attend. If you want to support the teachers and bands, then you can opt for an additional fair trade price of € 10 to your ticket. The collected amount goes directly to the bands and teachers who perform at the mini-Dansstage.

We have three workshop brackets. Each workshop bracket offers the choice between a workshop from Rafael+Nele, Louise, Sophie or a workshop from Koen Dhondt from Frisse Folk. Of course we’ll share with you what they have planned for us in the coming days. The program of the day is as follows:

09:00 Walk-in
10:00-12:00 Workshop bracket 1,
12:00-13:00 Lunchbreak (bring your own food)
13:00-15:00 Workshop bracket 2,
15:30-17:30 Workshop bracket 3,
17:30-19:00 Dinner (bring your own food)
19.00~23.00 ball

Unfortunately we’ll not offer food, nor sleeping places. If we did so, we would fall into another category and we would have a bigger risk to be canceled if Corona decides to pop up again. You can eat in the building, so do bring something yummy. Keep in mind there is no oven/microwave present.