Rafael and Nele are joining us

Many known teachers will come over this edition to share their knowledge with us. Our regular teachers Rafael and Nele will give level 2b again. They will focus on the art of leading, following and forging a connection. Skills like how to give input in a dance as a follower and how a leader can do more than just doing the steps. This according to their very own developed style and methods.

Rafael and Nele met each other on the dance floor. They had an instant connection and have been roaming the dance world ever since. They dance for fun of course, but they also want to share their vision of dance with you, which is centered around concepts like feeling, musicality, body awareness and playing with your dance partner. They believe dancing should not be the rehearsal of reconditioned steps and moves, but they rather want to find the freedom to surf on the waves of the music while being in harmony with the other dancers.

To get an idea you can look at an old video of one of their workshops during the Dansstage: