Most of you will know Koen Dhondt from Frisse Folk as one of our regular dance teachers at Dansstage. But not only is he a great teacher, he’s also very knowledgeable about the folk scene. So instead of giving a dance workshop, Koen will be giving a lecture about folk, folklore and traditional dances. Where do we come from and where are we going to?

Koen Dhondt will briefly present the evolution of popular dance and describe the different characteristics and mindsets in folk, folklore and traditional dance. This comparison can help us to appreciate and to question some things we take for granted in our own dance community. What is the impact of Japanese tourists on the evolution of dance? Do we really want a beautiful lawn? And did we really save the bourrée? Be prepared to learn more than you expect!

Koen was introduced to dance at the age of eleven. In 2001 he discovered folk dance while studying in Portugal. Since then he participated in several dance festivals and stages every year and developed his own way of dancing and teaching. To contribute to the development of the Belgian folk scene, he has been teaching weekly dance classes in Brussels since 2002. Koen founded the dance association Frisse Folk that also organizes folk bals. He taught workshops at many festivals and stages in and outside of the Low Countries. From the very first Dansstage in the Netherlands he has been popular amongst the Dutch dancers and we are very happy he is a regular guest at the Dansstage.