Digital Edition

Welcome to the special Digital Edition page of Dansstage. Here you’ll find all the information you need to enjoy the digital edition. The digital edition of Balfolk Dansstage will be held on May 8th 2021, starting at 3 pm and ending around 8 pm.

The event will mainly take place on/via Facebook including all the updates of all the individual live streams. However you will not need a Facebook account or suchlike to attend. (There is no need of logging in anywhere.) Everybody can join. The main event, that will also contain the updated links, can be found here:

The Balfolk Dansstage Digital Edition takse place here!

The event is free to attend, but donating is very much appreciated. The profit will go directly to the pocket of the teachers and musicians that are preforming at this digital edition. If you want to donate, click here.

Dansstage wouldn’t be Dansstage without workshops, so we have a nice offer in workshops. The teachers design these workshops specifically with the idea in mind that people dance from home. Some do this alone, others with a partner. There will be dancers with a lot of experience and there will be dancers that have just started. One dancer will have a lot of room, the other not so much. And there won’t be many that’ll have a professional dance floor laying in their living room. 😉 The teachers will keep these things in mind to create pleasurable workshops for everyone. You can find the workshop overview here.

But not only the teachers are taking these things into consideration. The band will do so as well. That means no big group dances like we are used to, but dances that you can dance solo or in couple. The music is also very suited to listen to and enjoy. There might even be a song that’s not liked to a specific dance but is meant to be enjoyed. If you want to taste a sample, click here.

Next to workshops and a band there also a couple of extra activities. You can view the complete program here to know when what will take place. You can also download the traditional program booklet here.