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Dansstage and COVID-19

Now that we have announced the date of Dansstage 2022, we have to discuss the elephant in the room, namely COVID-19. As an organization, we hope to organize an event as we are all familiar with; choice in workshops, full dance halls with live music, communal dinner, games and being able to dance with anyone. 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19-pandemic hasn’t passed yet, meaning we’ll have to take into account any measures from the government. As an organization, we take these measures seriously and we ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding this. We also ask you to respect the personal boundaries of other participants, regardless of your own stance on the matter. We strive to organize a full Dansstage taking both safety and pleasure into consideration for everyone who wants to participate. 

Together with the university, we are working on different scenarios of how to organize the Dansstage 2022 under different potential measures. As of now, it is impossible to predict which measures will be applied, and unfortunately we might only find out shortly in advance. As soon as we have more information, we will share this with you. 

We will try our best to hold a Dansstage event in 2022, in a responsible and inclusive manner, and we count on your understanding.