Aerokorda as second band

We’re very exited about the second band of the evening. The program schedule gave it a bit away, but the second band of the evening is Aerokorda!

AĆ©rokorda is known for their powerful mix of Irish music with balfolk. With Pavel on the Violin, Adriaan on the guitar and Davy on the whistles and octave mandolin they bring a wide variety of self-arranged tunes where you will flow from the very fast and energetic tunes into smooth soft melodies. To top it all off, all three gentlemen also sing self composed songs mixed in with their repertoire.

Recently they produced their second album which can best be described as a mix of energetic and soft Celtic neofolk with from time to time some Slavic and baroque flavours mingled in with them. These gentlemen made an online cd releaseshow of their new album which you can find below.